Why Design Thinking 💭 is the key to Social Impact ?

Written by Sahithi Divi

Design thinking is a complete different human centred approach of multi disciplinary analysis and problem solving .

During my very first experience , with a peer group from five nationalities, we set out on this learning experience. Our agenda was to derive deeper value , align a pipeline based thought process and come up with a value dense executional model.

The following framework is the blueprint of design thinking-

Empathise –> Define –> Ideate –> Prototype –> Test –> Implement

Benefits of Design Thinking

  • ReInforces Collaboration
  • User focused design and Innovation
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Stakeholder understanding
  • Self discovery ( business characteristics and personality )
  • Useful for the corporates in integrating a boosted morale in employee engagement.
  • Promotes team spirit and leadership
  • Teaches life’s basic yet prominent values that come with potential business solutions.
  • Regardless of department, size of the company , location etc on any level Design Thinking can be applied.

Sharing a feedback from an old man in San Francisco whom I got a chance to interview in our efforts to optimise mental health stigma.

Get started to explore more and indulge yourself in design thinking process. Apply it on various levels of your strategy.

Written by Sahithi Divi

( source : ImpactScientist.com)

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