7 Challenges faced by Innovation that we can solve

Written by Sahithi Divi

Innovation is a continuous process. It disrupts the problem and establishes revolution. It has less to do with framework but a lot to do with your attitude. It’s a unique form of problem solving in other words.

But how to identify , fine tune and use innovation ? What are the challenges faced by Innovation? Why is innovation missing in the micro levels ?

  • Future centric approach at very early age / schools , demotes the natural innovation and hampers curiosity in kids.
  • Under estimating the power of emotions leads to selective sharing in people, centralising innovation only to few people.
  • Identity crisis demotivates an individual affecting innovation.
  • There is a separate time given for innovation, whereas it is a mindset / art.
  • It is often used in integrating solutions and less used in understanding the problem.
  • Many times sadly , innovation is also associated with age and culture which is an absolute non sense.
  • In our society the fear of failure is the greatest cause of untapped and wasted innovation.

Empower your family friends and colleagues to innovate. Free them from uniformity , do your little part. Help them identify the innovator in them.

Written by Sahithi Divi

( source : impactscientist.com )


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