Which Sustainable Goal Do You Resonate With ?

Written by Sahithi Divi

We are habituated to plan everything in our life. Why not organise the Impact Creation ?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are formed by the United Nations like a universal  light house for social change, these are milestones that are curated to be known as the global goals to refer the cause and  direction to initiate, execute and measure the impact-change. It is the right time to learn about theses global milestones and align  your area of interest keeping these 17 burning areas, that act like the periodic pledge of social impact. Along with digital evolution, riddles of cross platform operations have created the need for a common flag of a better world to classify its impact for the people. Every person has a different purpose and if that is rightly channelized with a professional aspiration that is when we can create not only a quantitative but also a qualitative social impact in the world.

The Sustainable Development Goals

Let me give you an insight of how I reflected my change making journey. Following are the three goals that resonate with my spirit of social innovation.

SDG No: 4. QUALITY EDUCATIONENSURE INCLUSIVE AND EQUITABLE QUALITY EDUCATION AND PROMOTE LIFELONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL—–My vision of empowering the socioeconomic life cycle of the low income schools optimises with the framework of SDGs to rediscover strategies which strive to reach the targets that emphasise on an an inclusive world. This goal is my global .compass.

SDG No: 5. Gender EqualityACHIEVE GENDER EQUALITY AND EMPOWER ALL THE WOMEN AND GIRLS—– Firstly achieving gender equality means a parallel coexistence without social injustice and democratic opinions which envisions with my road map of delivering online and offline content using credible resources to achieve a world where all the genders are equally loved. 

SDG No: 17. Partnerships For The Goals STRENGTHEN THE MEANS OF IMPLEMENTATION AND REVITALIZE THE GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.—–Standing in the middle of the government, NGOs, corporate companies, educational institutions and individual personalities, I see a great opportunity in collaborations between them to play around with the possibilities of rearranging the strengths and weaknesses of each other that are working towards the same goal. In my case I entail with SDG 17 Partnerships to achieve the above two goals of quality education and gender equal communities.

In our limited time on this planet the need to act is unlimited. At the same time do remember that finding your deeper purpose is crucial. I hope that you pick your global goals and start acting on them. The first stem is to create more awareness about the sustainable development goals itself.   


Written by Sahithi Divi

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