Beautiful Journey Of The Mountain Couple

Written by Sahithi Divi

She is my best friend from the senior school, her name is Saabnam . He is Prateek her best friend for ten years and counting… Met each other while pursuing their professional education in Delhi University. Their friendship turned into marriage and they found themselves in the village of Kalga in midst of Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh where they also grew bigger as they became parents of Gabbar, Bailey and Anami.

Mountains and the wilderness captured their dreams for ultimatley giving away the city life to their paradise , Jingle Jungle Homestay situated in Kalga. Prateek and Saabnam are one of the 60 dwelling homes inside the kalga village.

I was going to reunite with her in ten years. Everything has changed a lot in life since the time I met her last time. After the long 2 hour flight, 12 hour bus travel, 2 hour cab ride and then a 25 min uphill trek is when I finally met her ! it was intense and such pure bliss. All I can say about our reunion is that , I forgot everything else to the celebration I walked into, it felt like coming back to where I am suppose to be atleast once, finally !

Now about Jingle Jungle Homestay – in short

  • It is a home that comes with love of the 5 pack.
  • Surrounded by majestic peaks of Himalayas overlooking the valley coated with snow on the peaks and rushing rivers on the steep down views. Sky that almost contemplates every hour playing around with pristine colors held with gigantic mountain backdrops.
  • A plastic free village dominated by the apple orchards on every possible corner with scarcely hustled wodden homes decorated with bon fires.
  • Organic and sustainable kitchen where recipies can be requsted as per the availabilty of that day and enjoy the meal at tandoor and handpainted art on the walls.
  • Handwoven, recycled, local and sustainable home needs.

Equality often translates to fulfillment of souls. It generates happiness, the most important note of life’s music. We often wish for the beauty without investing into freedom and liberation. But Cheers to you both for breaking the paradigm of the man made reality.

written By sahithi divi

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