1. Rural population in one way are very lucky. They have natural immunity because of unpolluted environment, pure air & water. They are gifted to live with nature. The challenge is to make them aware the gift they are endorsed with. If they can be away from bad habits like alcohol, tobacco etc, they will have a great life which the urbanites should envy.

    Village life can generate all the food & money that is needed for a family.

    Education of children shall be the responsibility of the local youth.

    Health care is the responsibility of Govt for ex maternity, accidents etc.

    Rural citizens if can utilise their benefits well will be free from urban diseases.

  2. I can work in the field of food safety and innovation, I will be happy doing this rather working in a company..

  3. Challenges have been covered nicely and I am sure there must be many other. Will be interesting to know about any leads on this. As u share your journey on tackling these challenges, it will influence many masses taking such initiatives and help rural people.

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