1. Wow! I so feel you in your writings Sahithi. I also moved in and relocated in the suburbs myself when. I came back to the Philippines. Being born in the City and lived in an advance country in San Francisco. Though I left my heart in those places, I planted a new one where I’m at.

    Glad you are surrounded by a village that inspires you. In these times of covid, you are blessed just to express those words. I was even able to express mine right after reading your newsletter.

    I’m cheering you on my dear. Keep living the dream. I’m inspired by you and even teary eyed just now.

    Stay safe and vibrant!

    1. It’s only because of people like you that I am able to withstand the dream Khristy. All those places where we belong a little by little began to sum up into a beautiful journey. Every challenge is worth the other side. I am always your family from where we both once came from , a strong powerhouse of change makers who got dissociated into individual impact in our own countries and also with the world at the same time. Sending you love and hugs.

  2. This beautiful. Looking forward to be a part of this empowerment and be of some help. Keep up the good work. 🌸

  3. Sahiti
    Hello Iam Dr Bhosale Suren’s teacher in dyp Kolhapur. You are extraordinary and hence you are doing extraordinary work.It is not easy to think of it and sure it needs willpower. All the best for both of you. God will definitely happy and satisfied in life.Money is not everything in life.
    Blessings to Suren and you.

  4. Excellent work Sahithi and Suren. It is definitely a challenging task to swim against the flow when people move to cities for the survival.
    I wish you all the success for your project!
    You guys are adorable!!

    Co-Founder at Chezuba

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