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One of India’s eldest weaver Tadicherla Nageswarao , 85 years old, who belongs to the village of Adivipalem of East Godavari District , Andhra Pradesh state , India. He has more than 66 years of weaving experience and holds up to play his role uptight even at this age for keeping the historical charm of handlooms alive. He is one of the greatest artisan who saw the progression of today’s generational shift with a growth mindset. He dances to the rhythm of thread and moves with the melody of his loom. He crafts the unprocessed thread bundles into fabric that looks like a painting created by an artist who has a boundless soul.

Mr.Nageswarao lives with his wife Mrs. Seethakantham who has been his companion for more than 40 years through the dark and rising conditions life has thrown at them. Although one thing that did not change and will never change is their attachment to the skill of weaving.

We have been visiting the couple as a part of our customer procurement but their story and experience shook me to sleepless nights that scared me thinking how will they sleep during the floods ? Will they be able to weave ? If not how will they eat ? They are surrounded by unsecured conditions washing their efforts and making them begin again after every storm that goes by.

Can we change this ?