Impact Scientist Projects

Collaboration | Villages | Women empowerment | Art Innovation | Social entrepreneurship


Sahithi divi is the partnerships and strategic business development consultant at Mohanam village and cultural centre. Impact scientist is now based out of Auroville in collaboration with Mohanam towards the mission to discover women at the bottom of the pyramid and their wonderful local made products.

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Social Entrepreneurship Partnerships Consultant

For individuals , small and micro enterprises , innovators, research students and vocal for local influencers to reach out for the following topics and services

  • Profile creation | social impact portfolio creation
  • Social impact journey counselling
  • Social impact products to market supply chain consulting
  • Art and craft network and training access
  • Digitisation for women artists , entrepreneurs and leaders

Impact hour storytelling

Impact scientist is an equality influencing platform bridging top and bottom of the pyramid through storytelling with design thinking approach for promoting villages and local made products to the nationwide e-commerce and global markets

  • Suggest a profile of innovative and impactful women and men who are working towards achieving equality for an impact hour story. They shall be benefited by a video, social media profiling, brainstorming and creating experience portfolio, digital platform like website, social , branding assistance , sales partnerships ,business development based collaboration support and sustainable development goals induction with. a poster of recognition.