Are You A Working Women In India ?

Written by Sahithi Divi

When we divide the gender roles, work life creates a complete different pressure for men , women and neutral genders respectively. While men are trained to be the bread earners and women are seasoned to believe that household is naturally their responsibility. Bringing the discussion to working environments/ offices, career is laregly impacted by the gender roles forced on you.


Productivity, growth and performance is not fully entitled on the basis of one’s real worth instead it is polluted by the seeds of wrong beliefs taught in the childhood which grows into burning down a firing soul from performing.

Why are women are expected to be employees , not leaders ? Creation of a women leader is a special story to tell , that is the irony. We are not used to being lead by women ; neither at homes nor at work place.

Fathers are not allocated paid paternal leave in majority of the industries. A child grows up looking at his mother sacrifice her career in most of the cases. Setting right examples for children is important. In this case corporates needs to think for the long term benefits.

Office work is not the only work delivered by women. Constant responsibilty of home for lifetime comes without holidays and perks. Developing nations have a long way to go when it comes to defining gender roles.

Apparently women are tagged as bossy, over ambitious, bad mothers, careless wives, slutty for going out of their way and out performing in their passion and career.

Men are forced into the cycle of competing for a betterment. Well that is a lot ofpressure to carry. This compulsion over him is creating an imbalance in acceptance of women leadership.

Women don’t negotiate competent salaries because they compromise it to getting a job itself in the first place. Various factors are like family approval, safety, under playing negotiation skills put the women on the inferior end. Hence, accepting a low pay is also a key reason for the pay gap between genders.

Girls are dreaming about breaking the stereotypes. When will they start dreaming for leadership ?





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Which Sustainable Goal Do You Resonate With ?

Written by Sahithi Divi

We are habituated to plan everything in our life. Why not organise the Impact Creation ?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are formed by the United Nations like a universal  light house for social change, these are milestones that are curated to be known as the global goals to refer the cause and  direction to initiate, execute and measure the impact-change. It is the right time to learn about theses global milestones and align  your area of interest keeping these 17 burning areas, that act like the periodic pledge of social impact. Along with digital evolution, riddles of cross platform operations have created the need for a common flag of a better world to classify its impact for the people. Every person has a different purpose and if that is rightly channelized with a professional aspiration that is when we can create not only a quantitative but also a qualitative social impact in the world.

The Sustainable Development Goals

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7 Most essential reasons why you must ‘volunteer’ at least once in a lifetime

Written by Sahithi Divi

Volunteering is an endangered skill. It converts to participating in the art of co existence and giving. It shows the power of contentment we feel by giving a small piece of us to make someone happy or even create a larger impact. It defines to hold social responsibility that exists on every level of the society, which means there is an immediate need for us to hold our empathy and strength together – towards building a slightly better world.
Not only volunteering secures someone else, but it can also help you personally as well as professionally. Read more to find out …

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  1. Tireless Optimism : The moment we become the reason for happiness of others, it boosts our self confidence and helps in leading an eventful life. It is a soul liberating exercise that brings out a different person in us because it stimulates empathy.
  2. Collaborative Spirit : While volunteering we interact with various kinds of people, activating a sprit of working more desirably in team environments with increased confidence.
  3. Entrepreneur Mindset : It helps us develop a sense of purpose, problem solving ability and enterprising capability. Leaders who can connect well with stakeholders.
  4. Ethical Reflection : It provides a fabricated human filter that certainly improves our ability to see through the opaqueness and depth of social challenges, attracting resourceful exposure in life.
  5. Better Job Prospects: Organisations look for social skills in their aspirers, as the volunteering portfolio can assure some of the behavioural aspects of a new person.
  6. New Tech/Digital Avenues: With the arising E payment softwares and shifting preference to online donations by donors, NGOs are facing a digital challenge opening new window of opportunities in tech universe.
  7. HQ : Most importantly it gives immense joy increasing our Happiness Quotient.

Just like an adventure sport, try volunteering to unlock a life changing experience. here is the link to my volunteering stories.

Click here to know my Volunteering storyClick here to know my Volunteering story

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