Do You Have A Role In Equalizing Economy ?

Written by Sahithi Divi ( Intro)

While the end beneficiary of gender inequality could be either of the gender’s situationally; although women are the most fabricated in stigma. The whole other perspective of looking at gender inequality is analysing the economical areas of the country which are depleting due to ground level stereotyping. The few major economic drivers of our country are the following:

  • AgriculturE
  • Policy Making
  • Business ownership
  • Homemakers
  • Sports
  • Corporate 
  • Cultural
  • Research and Development
  • Foundational skill building

Independent of the sector, gender has crept into the root cause of driving imbalance. Our country is a mega diverse economy where gender is percieved in numerous ways. Gender inequality can cause a slump in GDP ? Women equal participation ? Categorising house hold ? Placing the priorities under social timelines is a challenging descision making scenario. If you are wondering that gender equality is not your area of action; probably we need to restructure every field and resource for equal distribution to gauge the power of balanced sex ratios.

I aim to explain the undervalued strength which lies in gender inequality that is contemplating on toxic levels with the existing opportunities. I hope this article does reflect that your role does exist in playing the gender equalizer.

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Are We Emotionally Intelligent?

Written by Sahithi Divi

Emotional Intelligence

Amid the constant schedule pre designed around us everyday, do we realise the purpose of that constant shedule ? All the success related powers can be achieved only after crossing the emotional barriers. Path leading to ambition yields best if balanced with being aware of people’s state around you. Emotional Intelligence comes to use in almost every occurence from personal to professional level. Interestingly , the learnings come mostly from micro sources.

I identified some tools to equip my self with greater compassion towards giving more and being able to receive better from life. In my opinion they apply to everyone ; school kids ? entrepreneurs ? for that matter everybody …

  • Empathy: Being non judgemental towards people, to dissolve various perspectives and stage a life filled with real performances of sharing, learning and growing. Empathy is a non opinionated understanding and a powerful suport system.
  • Listen : There is a lot of life hidden in the big talks and sometimes that includes listening, which is an art. To listen without changing the course of narration and avoiding the reflexive iterruptions might give you better views.
  • Purpose : Try not to measure anything in materialistic ways but if at all you do, then measure the purpose of value creation that is generated in exchange to your time and effort.
  • People : Everyone in your life tree will leave a little of them in you. While you go through the process, try to make the most with every person you meet to give them good memories after crossing paths. Time is less enough to reflect on things that cannot matter.
  • Sustainable : Lean towards minimalism, consuming responsibly, recycling and spreading ecological awareness. Even nature has emotional needs from us.
  • Give : This is a personal choice yet my expirience with giving has always been overwhelming in terms of inner growth and soul expansion. Giving releases the hunger for more and provides the comfort of containment.
  • Forgive : Free your inner peace to evoke and let go of what is not in your control . Forgive as much as possible to make place for acceptance.

We encounter family, friends, beneficiaries, customers, collegues etc. in soo many unexpected ways. Embrace intelligence with emotions for a wonderful ride.

So , are we emotionally intelligent ?…

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How My Tattoo Became The Manuscript Of My Life

Written by Sahithi Divi

Tattoo (s) is an imprint which dissolves the inked meaning on our bodies, into our life. Marking the transitions, growth, passion ,inspiration and memories. I am sure each of you reading this will contemplate the reasons as to why you got a tattoo. The way it occurs to take you chasing for pain must definitely contain a profound sense of defining it.

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Manuscript Of My Life
  • Peace – the bird eye view of life !
  • One day at a time – remember !
  • Develop a treelike nature – transpire with all seasons, grow your wings wide and hold tight to your roots.
  • Learn to let go, everyday is very important !
  • Dawn and Dusk are a part of the same day – embrace good and bad
  • Listening and learning is a continuous process – never stop.
  • Own everything about the person you love – it matters !

I hope you enjoyed reading this manuscript of my life.

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Written by Sahithi Divi

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Today Is Important Everyday

Everyone of us is working towards achieving a goal. Investing our money, time and relationships for making it to an agreeable breakeven point in life. But do we retain the same approach to embrace the moments which push us to literally give up ? Those challenging situations and people carry the clues to our future happy lives.

Sahithi Divi
Today is important everyday

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7 Most essential reasons why you must ‘volunteer’ at least once in a lifetime

Written by Sahithi Divi

Volunteering is an endangered skill. It converts to participating in the art of co existence and giving. It shows the power of contentment we feel by giving a small piece of us to make someone happy or even create a larger impact. It defines to hold social responsibility that exists on every level of the society, which means there is an immediate need for us to hold our empathy and strength together – towards building a slightly better world.
Not only volunteering secures someone else, but it can also help you personally as well as professionally. Read more to find out …

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  1. Tireless Optimism : The moment we become the reason for happiness of others, it boosts our self confidence and helps in leading an eventful life. It is a soul liberating exercise that brings out a different person in us because it stimulates empathy.
  2. Collaborative Spirit : While volunteering we interact with various kinds of people, activating a sprit of working more desirably in team environments with increased confidence.
  3. Entrepreneur Mindset : It helps us develop a sense of purpose, problem solving ability and enterprising capability. Leaders who can connect well with stakeholders.
  4. Ethical Reflection : It provides a fabricated human filter that certainly improves our ability to see through the opaqueness and depth of social challenges, attracting resourceful exposure in life.
  5. Better Job Prospects: Organisations look for social skills in their aspirers, as the volunteering portfolio can assure some of the behavioural aspects of a new person.
  6. New Tech/Digital Avenues: With the arising E payment softwares and shifting preference to online donations by donors, NGOs are facing a digital challenge opening new window of opportunities in tech universe.
  7. HQ : Most importantly it gives immense joy increasing our Happiness Quotient.

Just like an adventure sport, try volunteering to unlock a life changing experience. here is the link to my volunteering stories.

Click here to know my Volunteering storyClick here to know my Volunteering story

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